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Trying to get your kids unplugged from their phones?

Triops are the perfect balance between fun and education that will engage your kids in a meaningful way. The fact that these creatures roamed the earth with the dinosaurs and are still around today will be sure to peak your kid’s curiosity.

Looking for an engaging way to teach your kids about life cycles?

Your kids can witness firsthand the excitement of the Triops’ amazing life cycle within 60 days!

Watch your kids light up as they start with Triop eggs that hatch within 24 hours. Then, the baby Triops double in size every day until they reach a length between one and a half to three inches. They’ll love observing as the Triop matures and completes its lifecycle only to begin the process again!

Fun activity idea

  1. Give the kids a flashlight
  2. Turn the lights off to the room with the Triops
  3. Have the kids point the flashlight towards the Triops
  4. Watch the Triops do flips and tricks
  5. Do your victory dance for being the coolest.

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Each kit comes complete with everything you need to enjoy this learning experience with your kids.

What’s Included:

  • Premium plastic tank (7.25 L X 2.5 W X 5.5 H)
  • Special triops sand
  • Triops starter egg kit & all the food you’ll need
  • 20-Page color instruction guide – Download
  • Aquarium thermometer
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