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Triops World,
Your Child’s Best
First Pet!

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Attention Moms, Dads, and Teachers

Triops are an amazing way to entertain, educate, and inspire your kids (without feeling guilty because you resorted to the TV or some other screen). These freshwater crustaceans are perfect for first time pets, science fair experiments, and classroom education.

Keep your kids busy with fun! Grow their appreciation for science and the natural world around them while studying one of the oldest living creatures on earth.

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The Amazing Triop


The coolest thing about Triops is that they literally have three eyes! Their middle eye, on the top of their head, is used to detect the sun so that they know which way is up when they are swimming in muddy water.


So if you put your Triops in a dark room, you can make them swim upside down, on their side, and literally do flips using a simple flashlight.


Triops are over 300 million year old! They are considered “living fossils” because they’ve been around since the Triassic Era. They saw the dinosaurs come and go and now they are ready to grow your imagination.

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Way Better than your average Goldfish

Keep your kid’s attention for more then a couple of days because they can watch the Triops double in size daily until they reach adulthood. Most triops grow up to be about 2-3 inches in size!

What are Triops?

Perfect for Classrooms!

The Triops’ natural life-cycle is only 60-90 days. Prepare for your winter and summer breaks without the worry of who will be caring for the classroom pets. You can discuss and prepare your children for their eventual demise rather than dealing with the anxieties of “surprise” deaths of classroom pets.

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No Cleanup +Low Maintenance + Food for Life

Don’t add to your never ending list of responsibilities. No filters to change or ongoing cleaning necessary – this is easy stuff! No need to worry about what your going to feed your Triops either. We provide all the food and equipment your Triops need for their entire life cycle.

See what's inside!
2x the triops!

What Parents and Teachers are saying…

“The attention of my students and active participation was incredible. The kids couldn’t wait to get into the classroom every day to watch the progress! The flashlight trick is fun to make them flip in water making them all laugh.” – Ms. Lippy; Madison, WI

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