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About Us

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The Founder

My name is Joey Lewis and I am the founder and owner of Champion Enterprises dba. Triops USA. I started producing Triops eggs back in 1999, right here in the good old USA.

My company produces toys that teach children that learning is fun, and that inspire them to develop an interest and skills in the fields of science and the natural world. Toys that stimulate their imagination and teach them that becoming a lifelong learner is an exciting adventure.

Why I Do What I do

I believe that learning can and should be fun. It’s not about memorizing vast amounts of information. It’s about opening a child’s mind and exposing them to new experiences, so they discover and develop their own unique interests and talents. It’s about gaining skills that empower a child to become a productive citizen and a successful adult.

I also believe that our beautiful Earth is fragile and we have to take care of it. Our Triops World kits help educate children at home or school, in a practical and experiential way, just how delicate our environment is, and how pollution and climate change can have dire consequences for the Earth’s species.

My Story

Back in 1999, there were only a few, small, companies producing Triops eggs and they were unable to meet the demand because their process was very labor intensive.

My background was in engineering water treatment and recovery systems. So I saw an opportunity to use my expertise to develop and automate the Triops eggs production process.

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The Amazing Triops


The coolest thing about Triops is that they literally have three eyes! Their middle eye, on the top of their head, is used to detect the sun so that they know which way is up when they are swimming in muddy water.


So put your Triops in a dark room, you can make them swim upside down, on their side, and literally do flips using a simple flashlight.


Triops are over 300 million year old! They are considered “living fossils” because they’ve been around since the Triassic Era. They saw the dinosaurs come and go and now they are ready to grow your imagination.

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Our Process

Our new process was able to exponentially increase the number of eggs being produced and we were able to produce a superior product that could meet the increasingly stringent health and safety requirements for children’s products.

Our process was so successful that we were quickly able to scale our company, and I am very proud to say that after a few short years Champion Enterprises was producing 80% of all the Triops eggs sold worldwide.

The Company today

After over twenty years of producing Triops eggs exclusively for the wholesale market, I decided to launch our first retail kit, Triops World.

With the continued growth of e-commerce, I saw an opportunity to provide a higher quality Triops kit and a better experience than customers commonly get when buying a Triops kit from traditional retail outlets, such as the Walmarts, Targets, and Amazons of the world. Our guarantee and ease of use as a teaching aid in the classroom or at home makes Triops World kits the best experience you can purchase to energize your children’s minds and get them excited about science and biology.

Triops World Kit
What's Included:
  • Plastic tank
  • Sand
  • Triops eggs & food
  • 20-page Color Activity Guide
  • Thermometer
Special Launch Price:

Free Shipping!

What Parents and Teachers are saying…

“The attention of my students and active participation was incredible. The kids couldn’t wait to get into the classroom every day to watch the progress! The flashlight trick is fun to make them flip in water making them all laugh.” – Ms. Lippy; Madison, WI

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