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What are Triops?

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What are Triops?

Blue triopTriops are a species of freshwater crustacean that kind of look like a Horseshoe Crab or one of those Trilobite fossils you can buy in any Rock Shop.

Speaking of fossils, Triops are considered “living fossils” because they’ve been around for about 300 million years. They saw the Dinosaurs come, they saw the Dinosaurs go, and they are still here.

Triops are easy and fun to grow in your home or classroom. Just add included environmental sand & Triops Eggs to your high 100% acrylic tank then fill with distilled water. Get started on your next learning adventure!

Tri-ops = three eyes

The coolest thing about Triops is that they literally have three eyes!

The middle eye, on the top of their head, is used to detect sunlight so they know which way is up when they’re swimming in murky water.

So if you have your Triops in a dark room, you can make them swim upside down, on their side, and literally do flips with a flashlight.

Have you ever heard the term “Apex Predator”?

While usually referring to animals like lions, crocodiles, and great white sharks, an apex predator is a creature at the top of the food chain. The kings of their respective jungles.

And although they are quite a bit smaller than their apex predator brethren, the Triops is unquestionably the King of the Pond!

The Triops is constantly on the hunt. Preying on such creatures as fairy shrimp, clam shrimp, and Sea Monkeys. Triops even eat each other!

The Secret Of Their Survival

Triops have survived for millions of years despite laying eggs in ponds that completely dry up and may not see water again for decades.

The Triops eggs are in what scientists call a “diapause” state, meaning the eggs can survive in a 99.99% dried out state for decades.

Scientists have successfully hatched Triops eggs that were over 70 years old!

Once the rains come, the eggs hatch within 24 hours and the baby Triops double in size every day until they reach a length between two and three inches.

Once they have reached full maturity, the adult Triops lay their own eggs. Then, between 60 to 90 days, having reached the end of their natural lives, they die leaving their eggs to dry out and begin another cycle.

Triops World Kit
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